Meet the Author

Michael F. Rizzo was born and raised in Buffalo, New York. In the 1990s he produced and wrote a weekly television show, COMX-TV about the busy comic book industry. With his co-host, they interviewed hundreds of comic book creators, reviewed hundreds of books, and attended dozens of conventions. His first book, Through The Mayors’ Eyes, was finished in 1990 but languished for 15 years. He discovered self-publishing and released the book in 2005. After releasing several more self-published books he released four books with The History Press. In 2013 he and his family moved to the Pacific Northwest. In 2015 Rizzo co-hosted Northwest Brew Talk with his wife. They covered the beer industry in Washington state for two years interviewing dozens of brewery entrepreneurs and drinking lots of beer. That year he released Buffalo Beer and in 2016 he released Washington Beer. With many more stories in his head, he decided to start writing fiction. His first novel, Double Rush, was released in February 2018.

Author Michael F. Rizzo

Michael F. Rizzo

Born in Buffalo, New York, he now lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife partner and kids. He loves his hometown but doesn’t really miss the snow.