in 2018 I ventured into the world of fiction. I had a lot of stories from when I was a bike messenger in my hometown of Buffalo, and decided to create characters for this series.

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Bloody Valentine

The prequel to Rex Carlton Mysteries.

Rex Carlton is an unhappy IT worker in Buffalo, New York. His girlfriend left him and he hates his job. By chance, he sees an ad for a bike messenger and applies. He quits IT and awkwardly finds his way as a courier.

Meanwhile, the vampire coven in Buffalo is under attack by one of their own. After delivering a package Rex finds himself at the center of the vampire world.

Rex tries to navigate the streets and find love but may end up dead before it’s all over.

Double Rush

The 2nd book in the Rex Carlton series. Rex is a bike courier in Buffalo, New York at Zippee Messengers. Through a chance encounter with a mobster, Rex finds himself at the mercy of the mysterious mob boss, and the entire city may be in danger.

Screaming in the Night

The 3rd book in the Rex Carlton series. After discovering he has cancer, bike messenger Rex questions his life choices and decides to visit his cousin in the Pacific Northwest. Together they are caught in the middle of a serial killer’s destruction that could bring down an entire town.

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